Palm Leaf Plates - natural, biodegradableeco-friendly


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci

Ecofriendly Products

Terrahue green products are natural and eco friendly. Perfectly sustainable, compostable and biodegradable materials such as fallen palm leaves, wood from sustainable sources, banana fiber and jute are what shape our products.

Terrahue Tableware:

Made from fallen palm leaves, these are nature’s alternative to ever present plastic or paper plates. While disposable plastic plates and paper plates spell comfort and ease of use, Terrahue palm leaf plates spell comfort, ease of use and sustainability. Our eco friendly plates are shaped out of palm leaves that fall off naturally from the tree, using water and heat.

A class above the rest of the disposable plates, palm leaf plates present a very elegant picture at your dining table, be it a casual party or a wedding party. They handle hot and cold foods with equal aplomb. Terrahue palm leaf plates are not only used as dinnerware but as gift items too.

Terrahue Spice Jar:

Terrahue spice jars are handcrafted by artisans according to Terrahue specifications from wood that are harvested in a sustainable manner. The jars are 
coated with shellac, an organic lac and colored using vegetable dyes. These spice jars, colorful and vibrant, add a touch of brightness to your tables. Gift baskets containing spice jars and aromatic spices are a great combination.


Do you often wonder if you are being green enough?
We recycle, reuse and reduce consumption as much as possible. But still there is that nagging question that lingers...'Is there something more that can be done?'

It bothers us too. We believe the answer to that question lies in not just recycling but using products that are completely natural. We can recycle plastic in various forms, we can reuse bottles to manufacture carpets, but then, where does the carpet go after use? Back to a landfill? Can we make it disappear? What do we do with all the manufactured products that can only be recycled a certain number of times? We may manufacture green products but are the manufacturing processes themselves 'green' or sustainable?

We definitely need easily biodegradable, renewable alternatives that are sustainable in the long run. Palm leaf plates present one such alternative.

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